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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2005 at 8:34pm
Current mood: complacent
Music: amazed by: lonestar
Subject: its almost more than i can take...


woke up at like 1. got ready and suzi and carlos came over for dinner. i went and hung out with justin a. for awhile. came home and ate dinner. then i cleaned my room and SAM came over!!! we chilled in my room and justin came over again. we continued to chill in my clean room haha. then jd and nicole came over. it was fun. then jd and nicole left and eventually came back but it was still fun. justin left at like midnight and sam slept over.


woke up. spent like forever trying to find sumthing to do. after spazzing and dancing a little, we decided to go to the mall. got there and there was literally no one there. i bought glasses. they're pink and cute. hehe. we drank "sophisticated coke" hahah. then we ran into brian kanutsen (sp?) and erin and bailey. then we saw....(drumroll please)..DAN NEWMAN...waht a fag. he was dressed up like a ninja? wtf. yeah. then we met up with jay. hung out with him. saw allie, scott, and steven. ran into allison like 20 times lol. then we talked to the pretzel man who is in Protagonist for like 15 minutes. he was nice =] then sams mom piked us up and dropped us off at shadowood. didnt really have money to see a movie so we went to borders...said hi to chris and i stole more ryan cabrera pictures.-gosh, the things i do for my man! haha- then bought candy and my daddy piked us up and took her home. now im bored. sorta. its kinda nice not doing anything for a change. ive been pretty busy lately. but yeah. jeremys party is friday now instead of tomrrow. so if u wanna hang out tomorrow...tell me!! <33

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