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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2005 at 11:09pm
Current mood: giddy
Music: amy grant - good for me

that's right it's a new year...woohu! i've been in Indiana for the past few days so it wasn't a very exciting holiday but good for me! i got to see a lot of my family which was cool! i missed them! my new year's was spent walking in the rain talking to my favorite person on the phone! so i'm not complaining...i got my new year's kiss through the phone and one when i got back! lol

seems like everyone has a new year's resolution...i dunno...last year wasn't that bad and i don't really want to change anything about what's my new year's resolution? well...pretty much this...
Be happy with myself, try to stay in good shape and take good care of myself, get good grades and figure out what i wanna do with my life! that's about it...i'm sure i'll be adding to the list...but the question is...which ones will make it through the whole year?! haha we'll see!

today i got up and called chris, he was in lansing with the twins so i just let him go and he called me when he got home, we went to pick up my BC and then we went to the mall so i could exchange the sweater that mairin got me for christmas b/c it was too small...they didn't have the size i needed so i got a sweater the same color just different style, so it was cool! i got a shirt and a couple tanktops and another pair of sweatpants at oldnavy! then we went to meijer and just walked around and stuff for a while which was cool! it was fun! hehe we've been havin a good time bein home and being able to see eachother so it's cool!

a BIG thing that happened today was that i recieved a phone call from my old friend Mike L. i had been meaning to call him and never got around to it...but he beat me to it...and i'm SO glad he did! it was akward at first but then it just seemed like we never had stopped talking for 3 years...we caught up on things, talked about learning from our mistakes and moving on, school and what we like and don't like...stuff like that! so was a nice 45 min coversation that made my day...i missed talking to him...and it was very nice to do that again...

tonight i went with my cousin kyle and kaneface to see the movie shark tale! it was GREAT! haha i thought it was a good movie! i'm such a kid! :-P it was fun tho, i got to hang with my cool cuz and my awesome friend kane! yay!

well i tried calling my boy but he's just not pickin up his phone so i'm just gonna go get in bed in a lil while and go to as they would say in the south...g'night ya'll! :-P

k-a-i to the l-e-y
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