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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2005 at 11:15am
Current mood: happy
Music: Let me love you.
Subject: 1.4.05 <3
Well me... Jackie and sum other people decided not to go to tech today :) so that ment 4 free periods in a row of absolutely nothing!! woot woot!Speedy came up 2 me today to say high... we gave eachother high fives lol an then he appologized for not calling cuz he was sick all vaca. aww. neway so we where talking (jackie n i) about speedy an stuff an the reason i like him is cuz hes kinda a bad boy but he is sweet n knows how to treat a girl :) so then later on when tech kids got back.. we saw speedy again!!! :) made me smile so big. lol then fricken Jackie ran up to him an started talken to him n i got so scared cuz i also saw him with a big smile like ive never seen on him b4. lol then Jackie cameback an was like aw kim!!! so I was like.. wut? wut did u say an shizzle. but all turned out good n made my day. :) turns out. Speedy really likes me n thinks im really cute :) .. so who knows what will happen :) tehehhe.. go me!!!! <3 best day i've had in a longgg time!!! woohooo...cant wait til 2mrw.. actually hopefully i see him again later 2dayy :) :) :) --- love my life as of today.
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