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eyesofcrystal (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2005 at 2:50pm
Current mood: confused

You know damn well that itís because of your religion that we arenít friends anymore. You just said it yourself. "If there wasnít such a big wall between us" that wall is you and your new lifestyle. This is complete bull. You and I said that we would always be friends no matter what....I figured when you moved there that the worst that would happen is that you would meet people there and become better friends with them with me. But I didnít expect God to breathe on you and everything would be screwed. im not trying to hurt you or send you on a path to might not realize it but your wasting and ruining your life. This isnít who you arenít even the same person anymore. I remember when you wrote that thing on woohu about how Tony was changing me and that you wished I was the same person again...well god and that stupid town and church of yours changed you. And I would give anything to get you back. You can ask anybody here that knows whatís going on. I just sit and cry sometimes thinking about all the fun we used to have and now we cant do it because god says no. well thatís bull shit and you know it. I canít believe how much youíve changed...its insane...and of course your going to think your church isnít a cult...thatís what everybody who doesnít realize there in one says. Everyone I have talked to about you and how youíve changed and the way you act and the things you say....even some of the most religious and Christian people I know say what youíre doing is wrong and that you most likely are in a cult. I highly doubt you could be right over a whole bunch of other people. Youíve gone arenít my best friend. I want my best friend back. Ive waited almost 2 years for you to come back. Itís been almost a year since ive seen you....thatís pretty shitty. Iíve waited and waited, and ive been thinking about how you were going to come back here senior year and we were finally going to be able to be friends again like we used to and I thought about the things we were gonna do after we graduatedÖ.but now I know none of that will ever happen. I canít believe you would do this to me. You said we would always be friendsÖ.but then youíre the one who makes it so we canít be. Thanks a lot. I didnít waste my time hoping that you would come back still the same personÖ.because I still remember you as my best friend. And thatís all I want to remember you as. If youíre going to be like this, then maybe we just shouldnít talk like we used to anymore. I meanÖyou arenít my best friend anymore. Youíre some stranger in my best friendís body. I canít talk to you, I canít trust you. I canít trust someone ive never met before and someone I donít likeÖand thatís who youíve become. You know that you donít have to change yourself to be Ďsavedí. You will be just fine. Im still the same girl I was and I know im going to be ok. I really wish you would consider the fact that you donít have to be a mindless robot to live a good life. You know deep down you would be a lot happier if you were the way you used to be. Besides the drugs. The old you is always going to be my best friend, and I will always remember herÖ.but youÖyour just nothing to me now.
And the things I was saying about pokemon and dieting and Halloween werenít my opinions, they were things I read about what ChristiansÖstrict Christians like youíve become think.
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