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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2005 at 7:29pm
Current mood: cold
Music: none
man...3 more days and i get to go back to living with heat in my life!! yay!! lol it's so cold in our house but i know my mom can't afford it so i don't worry about it...i'm kinda used to it by now!

i'm sittin here doing nothing...of course...but talking to christopher! i spent the night with him last night after we went and saw the movie "Closer" wasn't as good as i hoped and thought it would be! oh was fun! he dropped me off at the moonraker today and my mom came and we had that was cool! we had a nice time and even tho i'm sick of being home...i'm gonna miss her still! so now i'm sitting here freezing my butt off talkin to chris...i think after he goes i'm gonna go eat somethin or just go get in bed and read for the rest of the night...tomorrow i wanna work out but who knows how i'm gonna accomplish that one! lol i'll figure somethin i can't wait till it's warm again!

i'm gonna buy a membership to IM East next semester so i can work out in between some of my classes and before's close to a couple of my classes and not too far from my dorm so that'll work out it's a lot nicer than IM circle'll be nice! i really need to keep on that tho...i want to be in good shape by this summer!

well my mom's peeling an orange for me right now so i'm gonna go eat it! yay!

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