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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2005 at 8:01pm
no school = lazy day for britt!

last night at work was crazy, because everyone was in buying their groceries so they wouldnt have to come out in the nasty weather we were supposed (and did) get. it started to rain as i was driving home, and by the time 7am came by, they decided to close just about every school was awesome. i didnt really do much today, watched beautiful mind, i had forgotten how much i loved that movie, and then i watched part of sound of music. by then cable was back on, so movie time was over. for winter break, it was decent, nothing too exciting. going out has become really boring...we need to spice things up a bit. one of my favorite nights of break was probably the night at jeds...only because it was something new, and it was with different people. im not saying that my friends are just saying we should be a little more open into hanging out with other people. none of this closed invitation bullshit...remember when we used to plan a night, and anyone and everyone was invited? those were the "good ol' days"

i helped jamers with his basketball throwing a bit over break...then we got to play super mario brothers 3 and kirby superstars...ugh, greatest afternoon ever...i love video games :)

speaking of which...i bought FF1 and 2 for gameboy advance...i play late into the night, which explains why i can be such a zombie at school..but its ok haha, it's well worth it

little kids concert is friday morning...if we have school, i love the little kids concert...its just fun, really low key and we dont have to wear formal wear, which to me is always a plus :) then we have the real concert sunday night...i would say everyone should go, but i understand that our concerts arent exactly exciting, so come if you want...its not necessary

thats all for now

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