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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 1-6-2005 at 10:07am
Current mood: bouncy
Music: fallout boy
Subject: i wrote this for you...

yesterday was very rushed. me and sam made plans with brian to go see a movie since we havent seen that child in forvever!!! but then at like 4:30 sam calls and says lets go to the i had to get ready in 30 minutes. and then catch the 5:15 bus all by myself. at 5 i remembered i needed to feed camilas i sprinted over there and then met nicole and she walked/ran with me to the stop. i got there just in time.. nicole left and then i called camila so i wasnt so scared. ommmg at sandalfoot stop the orgasmic dude from one time when me and camila took the bus got on. it was funny. there and met up with sam and of course, saw newman again. hes such a queer. then we hung out with cchhhhhh-josh, matt, and frank-cchhhhhh (lmao). they're cool..sorta. lol. frank still owes me a dollar!! grrrr. then we saw bryan (the dude in protagonist) and he was with his friend hazen who i technically related to RYAN CABRERA. omfgggg. haha. yeah. anyways. max called me, he got his license/car..which is cool. he was gunna stop by my house on his way to the gym...but we were at the yea. then sams mom piked us up and took us to lukes. they tried to teach me how to play tezas-hold em or w/e. it was a failure. so we hung outside and stuff. haha i think luke thinks we are weirddddd. lol. then left and got home at like 10:30.

now im going to go do my lil mother-daughter day thing. wanna chill tonight w/ me and camila (since she got home =] )!!!

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