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liddlebaby (profile) wrote,
on 1-6-2005 at 4:34pm
Current mood: bored
Music: gemini - crazy for u
Subject: yadda yadda yadda
newho..umm..2dai was a whatever day..woke up late..ate breakfast/lunch..took off my nails..which took exactly 3 hourz..godd..but at least der off i feel better..ill prolly get em done at da end of da month..cuz i have this wedding to go to..umm..lets see yesterday was a go0d n eric went job searchin..we went to sports authority [him] den tj max [him] booksamillion [him] then party city [meee] lol..den we had cici's pizza.yummmmmm...oh man..i havent had that in ages..i was stuffed...n i love my baby..he is so0 hottt..i love him so0o0o much <33...he workz 2dai..blah..o0h im like gettin over my cold i feel 89% better..which is im eatin tostitos with salsa..mmm..2morro is friday..i duno wut imma do..n =[ so0n skoo will start...umm monique's quince is so0n..well in june..but still lol..i heard her dress is so0o0 pretty.n dress she got for me for the court is pretty to0..itz lavender..ive never had nethin lavender..o0h well..ders a 1st time for everything..wOw i have to pee agen..iight imma go lol..byeeeez x0xo0ox
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