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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 1-6-2005 at 11:23pm
Current mood: content
Music: forever - vertical horizon
well i'm sitting here getting ready for bed and thinking of some things...

today wasn't very i won't go into much detail of it...but it was still an okay day! hey! i learned how to crochet! it's very difficult i found but i'm excited my mom taught me...i found i don't really have to think about much but it's a challange but relaxing at the same time! at least i found something i'm good at as far as on my mother's side! lol :-D maybe i'll get good and make scarfs to sell...haha!

tomorrow will be one "official" year for me and chris...but feels and will be a celebration of so many more than that for us. we've made plans to have dinner/ we called it lol at the olive garden and just spend some time together which will be nice :-) as always! though i think tomorrow might be different just knowing that i've made it this far in my life in a relationship with someone i love so's an inner celebration of my own...he's someone i know that i can count on no matter what, and i know he loves me and i love him now so much more than i ever could've dreamed...yes it's mushy and whatever else you may call it...but it's happiness to me...and that's all i care about! :-)

i've been reading this book lately called "i am charlotte simmons"'s a gift i recieved from chris' mother for christmas and i've had time to read so i decided to give it a shot, and i've throughly enjoyed it since i've started! it's about a girl that grew up in a small town and has kind of been sheltered b/c of her parents but a GENIUS! she gets accepted to a high status college called Dupont University, and discovers it's not as all what she had expected! well...i can definently relate on that one..but i don't think i was as sheltered as this girl was, but i know that there are people like her and other characters in the book that are real and actually go through these things...but i'll keep ya updated on interesting points in the story! :-)

one more day or so then it's back to state...i'm pretty excited but i know i'm going to miss home but i think this semester is going to be a lil bit different then the last and...i'm looking forward to it :-) my goals are to do really well in all my classes...i KNOW i'm capable of doing well and i want to make sure that i put my best foot forward and accomplish all that i'm able of doing, i plan on taking good care of my self and not stressing out and only worrying when it is absolutely neccessary! besides...stressing out is for people who don't have control over their lives...that's NOT me! i think volunteering at the hospital next semester is going to be a good experience as well...and i'm really excited to do that as well! one more step closer to my dream of working with people in the medical profession...and that's what i'm trying to do! :-D

ok i'm rambling on now but i'm gonna go to sleep after i read for a while b/c chris is calling me in the morning to wake me up and i think we're going to hang out maybe before we go eat but i dunno for i hope everyone has a great weekend and is safe!

kane take good care of my dogs!! :-D

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