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heather (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2005 at 1:44pm
I just got home from the beach. Jon and I went to the Delray beach because its my favorite and then we went to lunch at the Old Key Lime House. We nearly got attacked by the seagulls there. It was fun. Last night Lange brought flowers to my work and I got embarrassed. They were beautiful and I hung out with him after I got out of work at 11:30. We went to his friend Justins apartment and started messing with my car. I told them what im going to do with it and they made a few phone calls. Everyone thinks my car is going to look soo sweet. I have to work tonight and tomorrow night. Saturday night Lori and I are going out, so well have fun. I got the new Used c.d. and I got Lion King 1 . I love the Lion King. Now all I have to get is Lion King 2. Jon is buying a boat soon so we can go on it. He and I are going to take a fishing trip and camp out. Hes going to let me ride his new bike when his ankle heals. Hes selling his car for the boat and is going to ride his bike around primarily.

Im tinting my windows this weekend. Lange is going to do all of the windows except the back. Im getting the back window done at Tint World hopefully on Saturday or Tuesday. Then Im buying these rims for $400 and dropping my car. Justin is going to do my paint job, which will be black with a pink stripe going around. Before the paint job, im getting a body kit, and since they dont make one for the year my car was made, im going to get one a year later and all of the guys are going to mold it to my car to make it fit. Then my new seats are black with pink lining. Pink neons on the interior and exterior. New speakers are going in shortly and a system. A radar detector and new mirrors. All within a few months. Im excited.

Well I have to get ready for work, so. Have a good day.
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