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blair (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2005 at 5:40pm
Current mood: tired
Nine weeks of spring quarter left. nine weeks until my eighteenth birthday.

the rain/wind/cold is extreme right now. It doesn't feel like California, yet we're hit with like three periods of storms every year. so this is only normal. but sigh.

this week, I've seen a lot of people I used to know. daniel setia, cassie, randy villaneuva, dunlap, ingrid, jonny. maybe not a lot, but enough to be significant. I've been social at lunch on both tuesday and thursday. it's crazy. on thursday, one of my teachers didn't show up. at fifteen minutes, we wrote our names on the board, fixed the desks, and all left. he's already informed us that next thursday we do not have class as he'll be in Hawaii. craziness. my second class on thursday - a lot of people have dropped 'cause the teacher is making it a habit to assign eight hours of homework per week.

today I purchased four different colored spiral notebooks - one for each class to keep notes in. it'll be interesting.

on tuesday night, I went out with some friends. didn't come home until four in the morning.

I'm losing weight, too. <3
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