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superheromindo (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2005 at 9:07pm
Current mood: clean
I'm copying this from my livejournal because I dont want to type it all out again. I dont have anything to say about this that I would want to keep from anyone else, so I wont be adding anything on to it.

I hate my life. I jynx myself all the time. A good example is what happened about half an hour ago (meaning accident was at 6:45). Just yesterday, or maybe the day before, I was talking to Braeden and he was saying that I need to drive safer or I was going to get into trouble. I denied it, saying I was a perfectly safe driver and wasnt going to hurt my car because I care about it too much. Well tonight, Mike, Nic, and Hollie were coming over and we were going to watch Little Black Book. We were all at blockbuster getting the movie, and I was running late and was in a rush so I was kind of stressed out. I had just passed the was Eckerds, is now CVS on the corner at 121 and Hall Johnson when Mike pulled up beside me. He passed me and I got behind him. I really wanted to pass him but there was a car in front of me who seemed to be moving like a snail, and I was impatient to pass him. Hollie said "Get in the turn lane and pass him!" So I planned to do that, but when I passed him, he sped up and wanted to race. So I was like, alright, that's fine. So we got going, and his car is a) brand new, and b) a lot faster, so he was beating me. We were getting close to the intersection, and I was slowing down, and so was Mike, and then he started to get into the turn lane. Then Mike started slowing down a lot faster, and because his car is so new his brakes are a lot better than mine, so of course he's slowing down much faster than I am, and I just hit his left back bumper with my right front bumper. It was like the trick you use in all those racing games, where you hit their back corner and send them spinning off. Well, Mike spun, but only about a 180, and my left front bumper tapped against the side of his car, towards the front of the driver door. Needless to say, we were both completely horrified, and after panicking for a couple seconds, I called my dad. Now, I dont know about you guys, but whenever you're dealing with a crisis like this, even though it feels to you as if you're moving at a regular pace, you're actually going a million miles an hour. It was crazy, cause I called Dad and started telling him, in what I thought was a very calm voice considering what just happened, that I had gotten in a wreck and he needed to come here now. Of course, to the normal person whose mind wasnt going super fast from one thing to another, he could hardly understand what I was saying. So I had to slow it down, tell him where I was, and he would be right there. He was only going down Hall Johnson to pick Hernan up, and after getting him, dad came back with my brother and his idiot friend in tow. But it was nice to see him. My parents are really level headed in a crisis. And I wasnt really afraid of getting yelled at, because that's just not what my parents do in these situations. My parents and I have this understanding. They've told me lots of stories about the stupid things they have done, so I'm completely aware that they've gone through similar situations. They remember what this feels like, and know that I dont need to be told that I was being irresponsible and careless and that they're not going to buy me another car, or start paying my insurance, or reinforce the fact that I deperately need a job. So they just asked what happened, and I explained it, and Dad drove my car back to our house (it's still drivable- thank God, but I'm not going to be driving for a while) and let Nic drive his Monte Carlo. Mike drove his car to our house and we made copies of both insurances, and agreed that this was kind of a mutual fault and we'd just take care of our own cars. My dad called his dad to make sure that was ok. And yeah...then Mike drove home, and Mom took Hollie and Nic to Nic's car, which was still parked by where we had the accident, and Nic took Hollie home. Dad left with AJ and Hernan to go to...whatever they were going to before I interrupted. Greg was over at Tommy's. So while they were gone, I texted Braeden asking him to call me ASAP, which he did maybe less than a minute later. I only got to talk to him for a minute, though. He's with his dad this weekend, so he's not really supposed to be on his phone, but he wanted to make sure I was ok. I hope he calls me later tonight though. He makes me feel better. Then I started to write this, but Mom got home and asked me to do the dishes, so I did that. Now I'm probably going to be grounded this weekend. I havent gotten yelled at yet, and I havent really gotten a punishment except that Dad took my keys away. So I'm not officially grounded, but without my car, there isnt really anywhere I can go. So. Yeah. Now I dunno. I kind of just want to go to sleep and wish this was all a dream. When it happened, I tried to wake myself up because I thought I was dreaming. It felt real and not real at all at the same time. I wish it had been a dream. I wish I could wake up now. It wouldnt even bother me that I didnt get to post this after writing so much. But yeah...alright. I may have pictures tomorrow, if I'm brave enough to look at my car. My poor baby :(

Please dont make fun of me for being in that wreck. I havent cried about it yet, but I think if anyone says anything about it tonight, I'll start crying.
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