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liddlebaby (profile) wrote,
on 1-8-2005 at 10:27am
Current mood: blah
Subject: *yawnn* go0d mornin
man im still so tired.n i slept a go0d 10 guna die wen skoo starts...well last nite was alot of eric n kailaa..went to muvico..n saw white noise..ahhh lol it was so0ooo0o0 it def made up for the past non-scary movies that ive was def creepy..n surprising we got tix n seats really fast n easy..mayb itz cuz we saw a 7:30 movie..hmm idk..den after da movies my baby got me taco bell..cuz i was seriously guna die..if i didnt eat sumthin lol..but yeah..2day..idk omar wanted to go to da beach ( i didnt ) but i think he just went to da pool without me..oh well..i dun care..even tho i need a tan.i wuna loose weight b4 i get into a bathin suit...god im tired..iight imma go..byeeeeez x0ox
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