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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 1-8-2005 at 10:36am
Current mood: blank
Music: five for fighting
Subject: im jus out to find the better part of me...

yesterday felt like it was 34984 hours long. woke up and went walking with nicole. we sat in wendys for like 1.5 hours. lol. then went home and talked to allie and jd thru my window. then got reay for jeremys birthday party. for the most part it was funn. there was alotta ppl there...(an attempt to name them): me, camila, nicole, kristin, shaye, olivia, kelsey, richie, sahar, leo, jaryd, zach, max, chris, gustavo, justin a, justin t, eric, lucy, brian, charlie, scott and more but i forget. we jus hung out outside until his neighbor started to have strokes and we went in to watch napolean dynamite. CHRIS spilled some soda and didnt know how to wipe it up properly. lol --me, kelsey, camila, nicole, kristin, shaye, and olivia def. showed them bitches up!! haha. 7 to 4, ooooh what now?! yeah but then two of them stood up for me and i was like..."ummmmmm" lol. weirdness. then i almost broke a nail on camilas pants and it hurt sooooooo bad that i had to go in jeremys freezer and caress a frozen turkey. lol. anyways. ooo! i saw matt becker drive by in a car and he came bak and talked to me. aww i miss matt/psychology. lol. but yeah we ended up leaving at like 12:15. came home, went online then watched fresh-prince and went to sleep. im a tad confused and im guna make a friends only post about it. i could really use the opinion of sumone who doesnt personally know all the people involved. but yeah. today sucks. i have to do my chores, read a book for english and write an essay. ufjkhnfdj. and school starts in like 1.25 days. awww. =[ started to feel like summer.

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