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losttt (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2005 at 2:36pm
feels like dying
dead trying
drum silouhette rat tat tat

someone lit a bomb tuesday my name scatterbrain ever since. vicodin and all the other shit with this wisdom teeth mouth garbage fucks up the head id suggest just opting to go into a coma for a few days to recover if you ever need your wisdom teeth gone. whadda crazy ass week to start the new year definetly a few screws loose for sure ahh but im tightening those bitches up. i wish we would have had breakfast babe but oh darn it will have to be another day i hope. got to go back to boca raton soon and get back up in the riff raff but this time will be different im not gonna waste these months sitting and smoking and shitting. the 3 S's haha. im gonna start writing and using my mind again that shit feels like its been on pause too long and im gonna learn to play the fucking geetar if it kills me im not blowing shit out my ass i am going to learn and going to kill with it hell yea. lets all have some fun.
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