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skittlicious (profile) wrote,
on 1-8-2005 at 3:47pm
Current mood: cranky
Music: the pixies : i bleed
Subject: don't apologize, i hope you choke and die.

I'm so content, but at the same time I'm so unhappy. Is this possible? How can i be feeling two opposite feelings/emotions, so strongly? I'm lonely, but not necessarily for love, for a true friendship. Anyone that I've thought I would be able to trust has let me down one way or another, I have no one anymore, but myself. I just want that one person I can call up and turn to, no matter what, when, or why. I want that person I can tell EVERYTHING to and not have to worry about them saying anythign to anyone else. I have a best friend, who I love dearly, unfortunately I cant trust her..and that's where I get lost. The one person I thought I could trust I can't, it made me question everyone and everything. I'm so very unhappy & I just want to curl up into a ball, and never open up again. I'm off to work, I wish that building would burn down, so I wouldn't have to work there anymore, die steakhouse, die.
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