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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2005 at 11:59am
Current mood: mental freakshow
Music: old school ryan cabrera
Subject: and the butterflies collide inside a jar that lies within your <3, you're free....

yesterday was cool. woke up did chores, got ready and went to office max with daddy to copy my AP english packet that i need for homework. came home and walked with camila to the firestation where we met up with jeremy and justin t. we watched them dirtbike for a while then left. hung out and then went to the movies. went to mcdonalds first and got happy meals with blow up spears. lmao. then we met up with lauren and zach. next thing u know everyone in the world is with is: nick, jeremy, justin t, eric, patrice, katie, carol, scott, alex. we went in a were a lil squished seating wise. lol . omg we went to see white noise. jesus christ it was fucking scary. well, i think only me, lauren, and camila were scared...since we were the only ones screaming and covering our eyes. the people behind us were us! lol. after the movie we went to mcdonalds/borders then left. when we got home we chilled with nicole and jd for a while. nicole like raped us and jd got it on camera lolol.then went inside and it was fucking hilarious...everyone who went to see that movie with us was online until after 2:30...just to be safe....

today daddys taking me to the DMV to practice cuz wednesday i get my license! blahhhhhh and i have homework. i really dont wanna go bak to school...i fucking hate it.

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