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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2005 at 2:14pm
Current mood: bouncy
Subject: at school
so mr. robuck never showed up today for class. i don't blame him though. i didn't show up either. but i always skip the middle school. ha! oh well. now i'm just sitting around chatting with jacque and writing. WOO!! i got a part in the musical! i'm so happy. i'm the mother. i have a name this time...haha... Mrs. Lottie Child. how cute. she's a bitch though. my character lives and new york and i'm rich too. sounds fun huh? i had such an awesome weekend. sara (my cousin) and her friend jen came over and so did jenna. we had a dance party at 4 am and didn't go to bed til 5:30. that's the latest i've stayed up in a long time. it was such a BLAST!! WOO! PARTY! so i have musical practice this week and i get to babysit for mr. carr on wednesday. i love his kids to death. they are the BEST!!!!!!! and sooooooooooooo cute!! anyways....things are going great!!! lots of love! :)
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