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gxionxa (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2005 at 6:42pm
Current mood: stressed
Subject: Once Again
Hey Everyone,
Its been almost a year since I last updated my journal and said it was complete! I have changed my mind and think I might start it again. Just cause right now I have nothing better to do. So here I go. Today I didn't do much. I slept til 10:30 and then had to do my online course cause of the whole benecia, gina shit that happend with it. So after that went to Subway and then finally got to work around 3:00. Then I kept getting shit about stupid stuff that people shouldn't even worry about. Its my life not theirs. Then after work came home and had dinner yumm. Now I'm sitting here. My weekend was fun I guess. Friday had epicenter then Ryan gave me a ride home. Saturday had a meeting then went out to dinner with(Dannielle, Jason, Michael, Chelsea, Brian, Christina,Jessie,Meghan,Mike) it was fun then everyone was leaving and I ran into Ryan K,Ryan M, Jed. So I called my dad and he said I could hang out with them for a little bit so I did. We went down to the beach and then back to the movies. It was fun I guess. O and Saturday morning I got my hair cut. Sunday i did nothing cause my mom n dad had to drive to Orlando to pick my Grandma up from her sisters house. But out of all people the person who I haven't seen in like 4 or 5 years showed up COREY. So I hung out with him for the day he has a really nice car. Then my mom made me go to church and then we were driving to go to the bank and dinner and the railroad things were down and we sat there for 10 mins so finally corey went around and everyone started to follow. Good times. Then we went ot Bank of America and we couldn't get the damn Atm to work so the guy behind us got the money. funny stuff. Finally we went to Publix and got money there. Then we met up with Dannielle and Meghan at Ruby Tuesdays by Health Park. It was really nice seeing you Corey we have to start hanging out more.Then my mom made me come home cause I had to call my online course teacher since I got suspended from the course and he was really nice to me. Sooo that was my weekend and day. Tomarrow theres school again :(. Hope everyone has a good day!
Love Yas
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