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chromegoblin (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2005 at 8:44pm
Current mood: accomplished
Mother downtairs 'cause of her soap opera + Computer magically on + Annoying cousin gone = Me updating

I had a HUGE arguement with mother dearest a couple of days ago were she confessed that she thought I was a rotten person who did horrible things and who doesn't know bad from good. She's also saying that I'm steering Katherine (my little sister) in the wrong direction. Worst part is somewhere during the confrontation I became emotional and started crying... I've become so weak ever since I came out of that stupid place and it angers me so much. Whatever. My mother told me she doesn't trust me at all... At times the way she stares at me really bothers me, its like she's deeply dissapointed, like I've wronged her somehow, like she's disgusted. I don't understand what I did wrong and perhaps getting removed from the family is still an option... I have to look into that.

I'm ill again. This whole weekend I spent it sounding like something between a man and a woman that went terribly wrong. My voice has imporved a bit... Now I just sound like I'm about to croak.

Ragu came back from Sri Lanka today and he seemed okay which I'm really thankful for, he had me really worried. He'd gone back to visit his homeland during Christmas vacation and was caught in the tsunami. When I saw him I tried to give him a hug which he refused and even though we were only able to speak for about roughly four minutes I noticed there was something different about him, he however did a damn good job of hiding it from everyone and was happy around us but I could tell there was something really off about him. *sigh*

This should've been posted earlier but when I was finally able to go to the media center there was a class there and yeah... I'll try to post again tomorrow, if not then I'll try the day after that and so on. Blah its nine... Off I go to take my happy/knock out pills.
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