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ElektraGamblin (profile) wrote,
on 1-12-2005 at 9:54am
Current mood: amused
Music: None
Subject: Wooo
Yup....ish me, updating my journal in the middle of study hall....

Me, do work?? are you kidding? =p's not like I have any work to do anyways...I didn't even come to school until the middle of 3rd period.... of course...that could have something to do with me not having class until 2nd...which happens to be math, which I happen to be dropping....and 3rd is Study Hall...and since I don't have any math's not like there's anything to do XD

<3 the choice of of taking classes online ^^ no more math assignments every single day that are just about as understandable as greek that I don't do anyways....well...I do half of the assignments =p
Next quarter is going to be......interesting o.o And I have to take Alaska Studies!! how stupid is that ?? I mean hell.....I -LIVE!- in Alaska.....I already know everything I'd ever give a damn to know by now...of course...technically I'm not allowed to take the class until next year...but I couldn't find anything to fill 4th period so Ally let me in. <3 teh Ally ^^ Now I dun have to take it next year, so I can get it done with. I can't believe they made that a requirement to graduate. *rolls eyes* the ASD is so stupid...honestly, I don't know how any of them passed high school back in the day. Then again....normal public high schools aren't really all that good at turning out graduates who actually have bearable IQ's. XD

I'm taking -8!- classes next semester x.x fun fun....of course....did I mention that 1 is a theatre production, and another one is gargoyle making?? >. >

I know....I'm so lazy =p Mom calls them Basket Weaving Classes XDD

Anyways...I'll stop babbling...although, babbling is much funn fun =p

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