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liddlebaby (profile) wrote,
on 1-12-2005 at 9:23pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: nb ridaz - wishin
Subject: havent updated in awhile
so0 yeahh skoos back..umm all my classes are the same cept law i have pysch 2..n omg i loveee that class..everyyyyyy1 is in my one n only lover van =] ah itz the 1st class 2getha since freshman year..ive been so0 deprived lol..n my timmmmmy is in der..ahh lol n zac n courtneee n steph..itz so0o str8..we've been watchin donny darko in class..umm..other den that yea..2dai in b4 da break..we had to write sumthin about every1 in the class that was kno..adam that sits up front..write hez nice u kno...n u didnt have to put ur name..newho...we got a paper back..with all the things that ur classmate rote about u..n think about u..all on a piece of paper...mine went sumthing like this..... *cute,funny,kind,sense of humor, really nice, fun, co0ol, nice smile, nice hair, go0d frend, very nice, nicest person in the world ( that was from fonte lol ) , she is a go0d frend, nice personality, pretty smile, nice frend and veryy pretty, interesting and smart, quiet but helps wen u need it ( ? ) , quiet and kind, funny, she is smart, nice personality, funny, go0d lab partner, hard workin, n co0ol personality * yupp thats wut ppl think about me lol...n yeah...o0h i am so0o0o0o glad that kaila is havin a great time in OH..what a relief for ummm o0h yeah 2morro is a very special day..itz vannnn's bday!!!! and itz me n erics 5 months anniversary =D so0o happy ahhh lol..but um i g2g..n wash my face n u byee
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