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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 1-12-2005 at 11:48pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: mairin's voice talking on the
well today i kind of had a little breakdown...oops...but oh happens!

i woke up this morning feeling alright but kind of tired, i walked a SHIT load today and rushed everywhere i had to go...i finally got home from my 2nd class at 3 or so and missed my mom who was already at i left her a message then ate dinner with becky and mair and before i knew it i was off to class again! ahh!! it's like it never ends...i'm getting up and going to work tomorrow and then i have 2 classes then my weekend only weekend i'll have saturdays off from doing anything before i start working at the hospital...oh well tho...i think after i get my groove in and start getting used to everything it won't seem so overwhelming and exhausting, which is good to think about :-)

i went running tonight with becky for about a half an hour, it was nice but i need to do it more every night that i can b/c i need to get into shape and i think it'll help clear my mind a lot! so yeah...that's my new years resolution...for now

but i don't have much to elaborate on thoughts were inturrupted by becky and mair and I's conversation...english not workin well there but you know what i mean...well i'll write more tomorrow...g'night!
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