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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2005 at 10:06am
Current mood: horny
Music: Color me badd.I wanna sex you up.
Subject: ! 69 !
I havent updated in a while. never really know exactly wut to right about.... umm i'm Here with Leah. Cut tech today';) Todays Matthews birthday :( - he would be 8 today :( RIP I love you matt. Todays also my moms anniversery (wedding) cute. Anyway so yeah Jackie got on my fucking nerves this morning like always. hate herrr sumtimes!!! erg!! Y esterday speedy called :) ... he gave me a ring by the way tehhaha. alot is going on betwen him n me ... so happy... we told eachother that we r eventually going to go out.. he says real soon .. so yeah. im chillen wit him today too :) muhaha. but be4 that i have a stupid doctors appointment with korrol. woo hoo nope!! grr.. he gets paid so much for nothing !!! lol im in there for like a second!!! newayy.. atleast it goes quick. boo im hungry!!! feed me! ... leahs over here playen operation on her new fuckin phone. its hot!! but now me n her r gunna have some nice fucken hot sex in the girls bathroom :) :) so Latterrss
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