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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2005 at 4:42pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: random songs running through my head at warp speed
Subject: ketchup, err...catch-up
i haven't written in here for awhile.
which is sad, because this is my favorite journal.
but everyone is at xanga and i just dont get much chance to write in this one.
actually, i do, but im too lazy.
managing 4 xangas is usually tiring enough.
but dont worry, i shalln't abandon this one.
i shall never abandon woohu.
okay, actually never is a REEAAAALLLLY long time, so i wont say that.
or is never a really short time?
i think that forever is the reaaaallly long time, and never is just...not at all?
confusing thoughts from my confusing mind.
but yeah..not much has happened lately.
i went over to justin's (again) on tuesday.
this isn't becoming a once a week thing...
joey thought i was going there again today, cos im at the library.
he doesn't listen very well.
emma broke up with zach.
no wait..they're taking a break
so she's been hanging out with us.
which is nice.
i love seeing her so happy...not that zach was making her sad, it's just that she's seemed happy-ish lately.
i dont really know what else to say.
my parents will be here soon, and then i'll have to go home and eat some fucking dinner.
which sucks.
i ate a bit at lunch today.
a couple pickle slices, and a few carrots.
not bad i guess..but more than i was wanting to eat today.
::sigh:: out for now.
-holly rose-
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