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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2005 at 9:55pm
Current mood: discontent
so this is a public appoligy to james golden and anyone who was offended by the comments left to his journal. apparently, my journal was hacked into or someone knows my password and left those comments on your journal, james. i don't know who it was, and i really don't care. i'd like to say i'm sorry for whoever did that because they totally suck. i would never want to say anything to hurt your feelings. just as you said, you have never done anything to me so why would i do such a thing? i actually didn't even know that this was going on until liz artecki told me in 5th hour that i should check it out. i was almost to tears when i read what someone had wrote under my name. anyways, i wish this never happened. i'm just glad i caught it in time to do something about it. again, i'm so sorry this happened and i'm going to get my password changed so hopefully this will never happen again.
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