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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2005 at 2:43pm
Current mood: fine
Music: Marilyn Manson
Dammmn I haven't updated in a long ass time shit. I'm laughing right now damn. Well, for starters 2 days after I heard about that thing with Brook, he called. Yeah he called me of course when Javier was over. He was saying that he heard I was looking for him and this and that and I really didn't say anything I told him I wasn't looking for him however.. but next time he calls, I'm gonna say I ain't playing a game no more and hang up on his fucking ass, damn. I am way off the Brook subject.
Javier now, he is over EVERY night, EVERY night, d-d-damn. I mean for real but it's strange without him here... he got sick, I took care of him at my house, till 10:30 of course, and he got me sick, somehow dad got sick. Dad can't get sick. He has liver cancer, cmo, hepititus c, all kinds of shit and because of his meds he takes his immune system sucks, he's gets sick easily and even a cold can kill him. Okay this was All like Monday, and Tuesday mom took him to the ER because he was coughing up blood (we found out just cause like either it was his throat all dry and scratchy or a blood cell in his lung popped, nothing big) and I went home around well before lunch at like 12. Was there until 5, I called Javier who was home sick and I called him from a payphone at the hospital because they wouldn't let me back in dad's room yet untill he was strapped in in such, he was also having chest pains. I was crying on the phone with Javier he was about to get a ride down there to be with me.. he is really sweet.. everytime he makes fun of me or I pout he'll kiss me on the forehead and hug me tightly... and at school this week he came up and gave me a hug in the hallway... awww. It was sweet. Well, turns out dad has a lung infection. I came home after my tests 1st and 3rd hour yesterday to take care of dad cause mom had to work. Today I stayed home to take care of him and Javier was home sick and came over around 11 and Lenka walked to my house during lunch to see me. How nice. She was surprised Javier was there. I forgot we had a fieldtrip today xD I'm so stupid, why skip on a fieldtrip day? It happens all the time when I deside to skip, ha ha. Shit that sucks. But anyway mom took dad to the VA I think in DDR town to get his bloodpressure taken. Something. His coughing's horrible. Javier has an aweful cough too. No fever here for me. Oh and when I was sick and I stayed at javier's house, I fell asleep in his arms... he rubbed my back, my head, he was just too sweet, kissing my forehead and asking me if I wanted a cold rag... aww. He said he liked how I took care of him when he was sick. But yeah. Long time ago Dad's feet swelled and his Doctor gave him more bloodpressure meds, because my dad has high bloodpresure. Well, it turns out that dad was taking 3 pills when he should of been taking 2, meaning his bloodpressure was way too low and it made him tired and stuff.. mean. lol yeah, so I don't know I just hope everyone gets better.
School's alright, I was really pissed when I got my report cards >_< missed all A's by getting an 89 in algebra 2...

Javier is all nice .. right.. and.. sweet.. but.. I don't know.. sometimes.. it's like... when I'm with him.. it feels.. weird, like wrong. I think I'm still asexual but.. I dunno sometimes I can get a little freaky..

Javier's met Jahsem and Lenka met him too. They both like him. Javier is short lol way short compaired to Jahsem... lol.

With Javier .. it's fun wresling with him, it's fun playing Halo 2 with him, Bubble Bobble with him, ... this is all friendly stuff... ... maybe that's all I want him as.....

... I'm so confused and dad getting sick has sucked away my money, I couldn't go to work Tuesday and I didn't work again till Friday which is today and... My money... my car... I don't think I'm gonna have it by Febuary 14 like Tonna wants....

My face is looking better, that proacti and then some kind of face lotion stuff that is making my face soft.. well..

I don't know....

No one write me.
No one calls me.
No one coomments.

... damn where has my life shifted?
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