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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2005 at 4:26pm
Current mood: angry
Music: lonestarrr.
Subject: he called on her on the road jus to hear her say "i love you" one more time...

today sucked. 1st hr was incredibly boring. i slept mostly. butttt ommmg me and hayley were so happy cuz seth simmons (our military dude) finally wrote bak! -but not to us personally...fagggg! 3rd hr is so fucking gay. i hate that class and i hate the ppl in it. mr. adler wuldnt let me sleep. urggh. lunch was lame as usual. 5th hour was boring and yeah. chemistry we had our darling sub again. <3. firedrill. and work that i didnt do. it was pouring after school...ehhh. then kyla got all mad at me cuz she went thru sams shit and read a note i wrote to sam and yeah. personally thats ur problem...u shuldnt have been going thru other ppls shit. whatever. theres so much drama that all i can do is laugh. hahahaha. tonight is going to be lame. cuz i dunno what to do...ehh.

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