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silversoldier (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2005 at 4:17pm
Current mood: complacent
Music: An Original Suite
Taming of the Shrew casting results came today. I'm Vincentio... Not a huge role, but that's ok. 1: Vincentio is a father, which means I'm not being cast by type for every play. 2: I'm in two plays right now, and two smaller roles equals one big one for me. 3: I've already been a lead this year, and I'm a sophomore. My stage presence is actually better than I would have expected (though I'm sad that I don't get to do techie work much... oh, wait, everyone is a techie/actor for Madwoman).

Even greater news came when I read the casting sheet: Trevor is on prop crew. That means Trevor still exists! (That really makes me sound like I'm crazy!) EEEEE!!! I'm so glad he's alive and well and being and so forth. Life can be a prosperous occupation after all.
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