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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2005 at 2:29am
Current mood: Retarted
Music: Dude looks like a lady
OMFG!! HHHHAAAAA!!!! Morgan is over at my house right now, and its 2:33, weve been up sence 11 trying to override the security system, and we spent 3 hours trying until, Im like, hey why dont we forward the clock to 7? and guess what, it worked, hahahahah!! Its amazes me sometimes how stupid we all are. So, other than that, today was graces and mine 1 month, and Im glad its lasting. Im bored, and wide awake, and we watched waynes world... LMAO!! Morgan has longer hair than my mom!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Im going snowboarding on Sun. Band Practice tomorrow, and talent show tryouts on wed. LMAO AGAIN!! Morg just slammed his head on my guitar! LLLOOOSSSEEERRR!!!!! LMAO!! I think he needs first aid, let me chuck a drum at him...........ok, Im back, that was stress releaving. Ill ttyall l8. Yadiffy out
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