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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2005 at 6:34pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: Blackstreet*Before I Let U Go --> Ja/Joe/Jada* New York puedo hablar.. ::Tear:: I'm evil though.. I started a clique.. not really.. me and Greg made a new word for horny.. creative..and we jus talked bout it at Lockheed Martin..haha .. presenting...

*the cReAtIvE clique orginated by me, also starring Shané, Chastity, Ash D, Pebbles "2 creative 4 da good of it"

x0ShugaPie0x (6:32:59 PM): i wanna b n da creative thing lol
brownbabid0ll (6:33:04 PM): lol

folk... I love you... =D

BaBy gRl of 973 (6:27:35 PM): yuup
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:27:57 PM): buy some stuff ta wear to wont b revealin dis time
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:27:58 PM): lol
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:32:33 PM): ill have nuthin middrift or clevageO:-)
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:32:35 PM): lol
brownbabid0ll (6:32:38 PM): lol
brownbabid0ll (6:32:42 PM): yes no back either
brownbabid0ll (6:32:52 PM): no body face.. lemme stop
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:33:08 PM): lol..forgot bout da back
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:33:12 PM): ur simple
BaBy gRl of 973 (6:33:13 PM): lol


To all my guys that tried to make me feel better and the ones I couldn't go to the movies wit tonite: I Love youu... especially Jerbor, Justin [wooo!!], Kenneth, Todd, Kiely, Luke

Oh.. RV vs Township JV 60-59

Varsity won 64-63!!! That's how my glands got swollen..yelled to much.. omg... Steelers are losing ::tear::.. but ay.. my buddy's making me feel better.. so proud of all my boys [and girls..jus because lol]...


Justin & B's got me speechless
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