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jburt1 (profile) wrote,
on 1-16-2005 at 1:25am
I leave for chicago in 5 hours and counting. Awww yeah. Break's been alright, but I'll be glad to be back in chi town. I got to see everyone, although most people I only saw once during break. Last night I went to Katie T's house and we played bored games and talked. It was a nice evening. Plus, Katie's thinking about coming to visit me during midwinter break which would be awesome. On top of that, Katie F. is supposed to visit me the second weekend of feburary, Sara Wilson is supposed to come down and check out Loyola, and various other people may stop by. I just hope I can balance it all. Nick stopped by tonight and we played some card games and watched SNL. Tomorrow Brandi said she's gonna come up to Chicago. Even though I want to see my loyola friends and catch up, it'll be exciting if Brandi does drive up. She said we HAVE to go to the something corporate concert. Tickets are sold out but if we can get diggity. Well, I'm going to sleep or find something to preoccupy my time. Later.
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