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wildthing (profile) wrote,
on 1-16-2005 at 6:10pm
List Of people invited to Heather's *18th* Birthday:

#1)My Katie Bear

#2)Joey *Leo* Domina

#3)Danielle Pinney

#4)Cj Fisk

#5)Jared Fisk

#6)Jake (Cjs cousin)

#7)Mike Osburn

#8)Autumn Silvers

#9)Amanda Smith

#10)Kelli Schuitman

#11)Ashley Price

#12)Kylie Mason

#13)Corey Kirkstra

#14)Chris Jouren (maybe)

#15)Kevin Schuitman

#16)Amanda Maxwell

#17)Stacy Cain

#18)Jen Scholten

#19)Justin McCune

#20)Tim Cerchia

It will be either the weekend of *February 11, Or the weekend of February 18th* I have to talk to my dad about it.

So if any of you have woohu and are on my list comment back and tell me whether you can make it or not and i'm gonna be makin invitations to send to you all so GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESSES!!!! ok? i have some of yours but not all! Or Ill just give it to you at school :)

Call me: 1-616-696-2032 and leave a message if I'm not here OKies? *Gets excited!* *Yay* haha ok I'm out!

Night Kids.
PS. Did I leave anyone out?!? If I did I'm terribly sorry, and if your really my friend you can go, haha.
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