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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2005 at 11:29am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: Flavor of the Week- American Hi-Fi
hey all!!!! whats up?! i havenít updated in a REALLY long time! sorry that you couldn't read about my oh so fascinating life! haha! JK! but yea i am going to do a big recap since i have nothing to do today AND i only have to take one exam on thursday! WOOO! haha so yea here we go:
January 7- COUNTIES! woo everyone swam so well. we ended up taking 2nd but oh well! everyone swam so well as i said and i am so proud of them. shocker of the meet- Brie won the 100 back in 1:00! WOOO! thats fast! haha soo yea thats counties for ya
January 8- oh man! Janeís 17 birthday party! haha dance party to the max!! haha it was so much fun even though it was like in east jabib! haha JK! it was in South Orange but as everyone says people who live in Caldwell think it is a pain to drive anywhere else! haha sooooo yeaa! lol
January 9- WINTERFEST <3333! haha granty, Tim and i are best friends again so it was a mo successful meet! haha! o and i went a 1:08 in my 100 breast! YESS! i was so excited never did that before
OMG anddd brie, bets, lex, charley, harry went to FRIDAYS for lunch <33333!!! omg so much fun!
January 10- school and clifton meet. blah nothing too special... the MOUNT was 20th in the Star Ledger! WOO go us!
January 11-14- school still! booo! easily one of the longest weeks of my life! OMG we had a meet thursday (13) with DELBY! ahhh it was so much fun! haha we swam wayne valley! it was crazy though nic and i were literally bouncing off the walls not even joking! it was crazzy! haha sooooo much fun though! haha o and friday i slept basically all day at school cause it was exam review! but EW i am so mad hmm i have a 89.5 in lit and u need a 90 to exempt! EW gayy! hahaha! yea umm friday night was funn!!! haha mount b-ball game and Bethís house for a dance party <33333! haha i love dance parties SOO much fun! woooooo! OOO AND LAUREN FINALLY CAME BACK FROM HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was going through lauren english withdrawal! not even joking! ahhhh gotta love this girl! AND SHE SWAM SO WELL!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh! haha and CHIP o baby <333! hahaha jk jk! o and her medals are gorgeous! they are so pretty! lol o man i honestly do not know what i am going to do without her next year! =(
January 15- shopping, dinner with mom and dad, practice, Manchurian candidate! ahhh it was a nice and relaxing day! OH and the boys NHC ANNDDD DELBARTON WON!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!! haha i was excited not gunna lie
January 16- GIRLS NHC!!!!! Wooooo! haha the MOUNT got second! YESSSSS! how cool is that?! haha umm yea i swam okay at this meet the pool sucks and it was cold as fuck! holy shit it was SOOOO cold they had cold air blasting it was bad!! omg and our relays <33! and MILLEY WON HER 2 EVENTS!!!!!!!! holla! i was so proud of her! ahh AND NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!! and i quote "Mount St. Dominic's most valuable swim of the day may have come from sophomore Nicole Patracuolla, who split -A GREAT TIME- on the second leg of the 400 freestyle relay to make up a sizeable deficit on Caldwell and spark the team to a meet-ending victory in 3:45.95, the fastest time in the state this season. The victory lifted the team past Caldwell, 209-208, for second place in the team standings." YEAHHHH NICOLE!!!!!! wooooo the mount is amazing and u know it! haha and chrissy petss <3333! hahah love her! haha so does charley! lol! jk! then i came home after an AMAZ meet and went to DANS house! haha it was awesome man hunt and poker. i suck at poker anyone willing to teach me how to play?! that would be greatly appreciated!
soo yea that basically sums up this past week! it was a crazy one but so much fun as usual!!! sooo yea thats about all i need to say for today. i am going to go do nothing! haha love u all soo much! ttyl

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