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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2005 at 12:50am
Current mood: tired
Music: mariah carey-honey
Subject: split personality
that forbidden heat
is so beautiful and awful
how can something so self-deprecating
make me feel so alive

sometimes i feel
like only a straitjacket will work
to control my body
my mind sure as hell can't

tie my arms back with ropes
so tight they draw blood
the discomfort in my wrists
is worth the pain spared from my conscience

lock me in a closet
so small my chest is crushed
suffocation is a small price to pay
to hush my screaming, scolding mind

this conflict of desires
is enough to shred my soul
i should burn its tattered ribbons
and blow away the ashes

the purity i used to loathe
now fuels my nostalgia
my rose-colored glasses
now tinted with that vile film

i might as well be cliff jumping
tumbling out of control
choosing the temporary thrill
without contemplating the landing

my unhealed wounds
are crying out in protest
but it is my own hand
that yields the salt

please take it away from me
take away temptation
bind and gag me
even if i try to get away

anything to stop my self-inflicted agony
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