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drifting_unknown (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2005 at 1:56pm
Music: emo
Subject: i feel like crying
i've been so emotional these past two days. i hate getting my period, it does this to me. i miss my boyfriend. i miss my friends. i never talk to them anymore and whenever we get together we have nothing to say to each other. my only friend is my boyfriend now... he's the only one i can talk to. we could see each other everyday and still have stuff to say to each other. while my friends whom i haven't seen for like weeks... there's nothing... always nothing... nothing's happened... nothing's new... nothing to tell... :o( i miss school in a way... only because i miss seeing them everyday and actually being able to talk to them.
the one friend i see everyday, because i work with her, i rarely ever talk to her and vice versa. and when i try and hang out with her outside of work all she ever talks about is work... and well i already know what happened because i was there so i don't need to be retold and nor do i wish to be reminded of that hell hole every time we talk which just makes us drift further apart... or getting drunk which i couldn't care less about because i think it's sad how people only care about the weekend because they plan on getting trashed... what kind of life is that?...
i need some new friends. but i don't really want any others... i like the ones i have, i just wish they would open up a bit more. tell me how things are going with todd (don't keep referring it as "kim's house" when you go over to his house); tell me things about your classes, your teachers, your classmates, the hot guy at your school, the hot guy at your church because i know you still like him, the people at your work, your feelings about your work, not that "it's ok" or "nothing's new" there has to be something! whether it's you noticed a bruise on your arm, you had a fight with your parents/brother, you bought a new shirt, got a hair cut, vaccummed, did the dishes, anything there's gotta be something.
argh i don't know i'm sick of talking to people.
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