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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2005 at 11:07pm
Current mood: theres alot of different ones
Music: Jive Jones- Me Myself & I
Subject: my weekend

yeps well thursday i went to school once again and was really bored then there was Jr. High boy's and girls games which if I remember right they both won not real sure tho lol..... i try my best to remmeber but sometimes it just dont work lol..... then i came home and worked on alot of stuff for Mrs Butcher and i mean ALOT of stuff lol then i talked to my huni Chris for a while then he just stopped talking to me and i thought we was having a serious talk but i reckon we wasnt.... cause either someone came in there and was talking to him and he forgot to tell me he wasnt gonna be talking to me no more or he fell asleep .................. then on friday there was me going to school AGAIN which sucks really bad i hate it lol cause usually i get to talk to Shaina but no shes in Iss now she better be out soon lol........ then well in most of our classes we took notes for the finals that is tomorrow and Wednesday................... welps then b4 i left to go home i seem Quentin (spelled wrong) but yea he didnt even speak to me we talked all the time last year oh well i guess seeing since he has been in Jail and all now hes to good to talk to me i dont know............. then there was the bus ride home which is always gay but there was little kids that kept on trying to talk to me and made me mad lol cuz i was trying to sleep for the 30 mins im on there lol..... then there was the long COLd walk to the house and right b4 i got there Grace yelled at me to hurry up that Aunt Brenda was on the phone for me and i yelled back " Fat kids like me dont run" and she yelled back once again "your not fat hurry up" and Aunt Brenda told Grace she wished she was as fat as me lol.... cause yea pretty much im not fat anymore YAY im soo proud of myself lol anyways back to my story of the day lol.... welps then i got in the house and Aunt Bre asked me to go to the Gullay Bridge so yea of course i went cuz i had nothing better to do but sleep plus I Love Varsity games they are sooo much fun the yelling and getin into the games is SOO Great lol anyways so then her uncle terry and bub came and got me and we went to the game which took 2 hours to get there lol Tabi Shama Cody and Crys was already there so i sat with them and then tabi had to leave us to Cheer (GO TABI! Best Cheerleader i know wel you and Tater Tot that is) and Jess came and sat with us after she got there.... it was REALLY fun besides the fact that 13 and 22 on the other team went in in like the last few mins to fail out and to hurt while they was doing it and one pushed Ryan into the bleachers i was ticked off cuz yea pretty much no one hurts our team and gets away with it....... Crys told Bo to fail hard if he was gonna fail at all...... we won the game anways YAY our Varsity is really good..... your JV aint very good tho..... or at least they wasnt at the game friday... so yea i got home from that game at like 12ish and got online to see if Chris was online cuz yea wanted to talk to him.... he wasnt online tho..... then i stayed up for a while but not long cuz i was tired...... then Saturday i was in bed all day cause to start with my head hurt REALLy bad then my back started hurting so mom had to call Mrs Schoon and tell her i couldnt go to Billy Bobs i was very depressed cause i wanted to go to Billy Bob's REALLY REALLY bad lol so what I'm a kid at heart lol ........... so yea i was in bed all day cuz of my back and plus it was REALLY cold in this dang on Home lol....... then Sunday Keshia came over and went to Allen's little Birthday party with me (thanks by the way) cuz i wasnt about ready to go to a 5 year olds birthday party by myself haha i mean of course Tom and Dave (my cousins) was there to talk to me but of coures i needed someone else too lol....welps then after the party we went to Walmart in Mason which was boring lol i had to get dress pants tho as we was leaving there Keshia was like "Kim look at that guy" and of coures she said it right as we was beside of him so when i looked he was looking right at me and Keshia and i was soo embarrassed he wasnt bad looking it was just the way things happend i reckon.... he was laughing but it but my face was like really red ... OH well lol........ then when we got home i went down to Keshia's and stayed the night which was fun we watched With out a Paddle it was really good then we talked and then took our showers while she was in the shower i got online to see if Chris was online Which he wasnt so i told Shaina to talk to him for me seeing since i wasnt online long........... then today i came home at like 1:30 then at like 3ish Tabi and aunt Brenda came and got me for the Girl's Jr. High game and for the Varsity girls game...........girls Jr. high lost (8-33) girls Varsty won (61-31 or something like that) the Varsity game was VERY VERY boring........ oh well... then i got home at like 8:30 and ate something then got online and have been talking to shaina almost the while time since lol welps that has been my weekend aint you proud haha welps Much Love and God Bless *Kimberly*

you know what i want to play guitar REALLY bad........ sure do hope i get one for my birthday (Feb 6th) i mean i only asked for that and one other thing i really dont think im gonna be getin the other thing tho oh yes for all of you guys that didnt know what it was... it was for Chris to come down..... I sure do hope he does too that would be GREAT

Taberly you better comment lol cause if you dont no one will lol Love ya!
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