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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2005 at 11:48pm
Music: Baha Men
Subject: feel this out please!!!!
Whats My Name?::
Whats My Middle Name?::
What Nicknames Do I have?::
Whens My Birthday?::
How Old am I?::
Whos My Best Friend(s)?::
Where do I go to School?::
What Grade am I in?::
What color is My Hair?::
What color Are My Eyes?::
How Long Have You Known Me For?::
Where Did We Meet?::
Tall or Short::
Smart or Dumb::
Weird or Normal::
Unique or Original::
Am I Athletic?::
Am I a Nerd?::
Am I a Good Friend?::
Am I Honest?::
Loud or Quiet?::
Shy or Outgoing?::
Am I Crazy?::
Am I Annoying? (Think about this one Jeff hahah)::
What Kind of Music do I Like?::
Am I Mature for My Age?::
What is my Favorite Song?::
Whos My Favorite Band?::
Whats My Favorite Color?::
Whats My Favorite Movie?::
When I get older will I get Married?::
If So, To Who?::
Do I have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?::
If So Whats Their Name?::
Do You Have a Crush on Me?::
Give Me ONE Word that Describes Me::
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