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purplesmurfs (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2005 at 4:31pm
Subject: 12-15-04
-The road less taken-
My heart aches more
Each day that I'm more aware
Of your heartless existence
The voices fade in and out
When you walk into the room
Speaking of your malicious plots
Attempting to become unnoticed
I sink down in my body
And cry out endlessly for help
Death calls for me quietly
Slowly I wander my way
To the shadows that grow
On my bed side wall
Taking me in as their own
Mothering me, loving and holding me
I seep into the pits of hell
Preparing myself for the journey
That awaits for me on the other side
Gently, quietly falling a thousand stories
Into a land only I'll understand
landing in a field of flowers and feathers
Caressing my sweet body and mind
I live in the eternal soul
Of each one of the naive people
Who live restless lives being ignored
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