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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2005 at 6:55pm
i had such a great weekend...friday night was the dance team fazoli dinner...and i went and i was healthy! im never healthy this time of year, and because of that i normally miss the dinner..but i went and i sat with paige and kayln when i first got there, and then i sat with brian, drew, ian, barber, nelson, kelly and daron...stevie showed up later...we went to the boys basketball game (so close!!) and then booked it to the eagles hockey game, and i got home at 1, and completely died

saturday i didnt really do a lot...stayed home, went to work, and then hung out with daniel and stevie for the night while we didnt really do anything, but it was still semi entertaining, which is all i really need after working

sunday...went to the eagles hockey game, made plans for stevies that night, went to work, got doug, went home then to stevies! i was so hyper, it was amazingly fun. i ate way too much, watched sara suck way too much at lion king, shatted with barber a was just tons of fun...the girls stayed up until 330..and woke up by 830, we're not very smart...but the next day we all met up again and went to the eagles championship game (which we won 7-6! woo!)

mr dunn invited the girls over to we went, and we had sooo much food! brats, hot dogs for people who dont like brats, hamburgers for the rest, ceaser salad, potato salad, baked beans, cookies, chips, pizza bites and veggies...sooo good! i havent eaten that much in so long, i think im still full...went to megans after that, tried to do calculus, we couldnt, so instead we had a little vent session about things/people that aggrivate was good...its nice to know im not alone in most of this :)

school was horrible motivation exams
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