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liddlebaby (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2005 at 9:49am
Current mood: blah
Music: usher - caught up
Subject: yawnnn
well im not at skoo..cuz i had no ride.n my parents were like..dont go to im like ok...cuz eric cudnt take me..den 20 minz later..hez like i can take u..den zac n yeli were like we'll take u..n i got all these invites..but nieh..skoo or stay home? yeah lol but im just here chillen..just had breakfast..scrammbled eggs with cheese n hotdogs with i fukennnn hate dumb effin sluts..wowow goddd..i cant stand herrrrrrr...i told eric wut she sed..he got all madd..n hez like..ok shes pissssin me guna go online.n just go..u kno what ur so0o fucking dumb.did u knoooooo didnt tho..but umm..newho..v-day is commin is a buncha stuff..what to get eric? hmmm i have an idea..but i wuna get him that for da year anni..n ill sooo kill him if he gets it b4 da skoo or w/e i gota go to hialeah..with monique her mom..n get sum shoes for moniques maybe lol... =[ it suksz how eric doesnt have his cell..i hardly get to talk to saddens me..he better fix it so0n..well i gotz nutten to say.ima just lie in my ro0m..n watch television...bye love you's
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