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xunspokenxfearszx (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2005 at 4:08pm
Current mood: cold
Music: ` Nada
Subject: Whoa ..
Whoa.. okay i havent been on this page for like EVER and well its all changed and i cant find any thing.. lol.. leave it to me to say something stupid like that.. teeheehee.. well .. so.. i havent been able to keep up with whole online journal stuff.. i mean.. i dont kno.. okay.. well since 11-19-04 ... its been HELL.. my dad got sick, my mom is freaking out all the time, my grandma got sick and had to get surgey.. well .. thats just some of the stuff.. god.. if i was to tell every thing .. then it would take forever to write.. but i will just keep it to the main shyt.. lol.. well .. i feel like my life is coming down.. everything is .. just so .. not how it used to be.. joellens going out with kyle .. and i VERY happy with her.. but i wish i could have some one too.. im not jealous or anything.. but its like i need some one to hold me and tell me not to worry about every thing and it will be okay.. you kno.. and i dont have that and i havnt had for like.. 4 years of sum thing like that .. and its hard to watch EVERY one in the whole world have some one to hold and someone to hold them.. i dont kno. its crazy.. its hard to explain .. well i think thats all for now.. im bored.. so im going to change the look of this thing. since its.. like screwed up and all that shyt.. well bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye Kisses and Hugs from me to you <3 Muchas Amore Amada xOoX
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