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cait0880 (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2005 at 9:28pm
Subject: WOW updated
I really still don't have anything to update about but seeing this journal everyday with the same last entry is starting to really get to me. I guess ill say what went on all week end even if it is wednesday. Friday was nothing really, i went to the mall to eat dinner with louis after work. I got a movie and we watched it. UNEVENTFULL as always. Satuday yet another uneventfull day. I had Guitar lessons and then missed going to allys house because i didnt get home in time. We went out to dinner, tom lou and I and i just sat there not eating really reading my book. I pretty much read my book all weekend while hanging out. Sunday was pretty sweet, i sleeped at Dimos with Kristien, brian and dimo(no shit) it was pretty fun. We played alot of kinds (damn those lightweights) i couldnt sleep everyone now thinks im crazy. Monday hung out and just read like i did the other 3 days and made them watch FOUR ROOMS which is a awesome movie and a bunch of other things happen that i think have no reason at all to be typed. If you were around you know, if you are involved you know, if you werent around or involved then frankly it doesnt really matter if you know or not and im sure you wouldnt care
at all
no a bit
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