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superheromindo (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2005 at 8:02pm
Music: I Love '94 Part Deux
Update update update. I'm such a slacker when it comes to online journals. Well, more like, I have so many that its hard to come up with things to say in all of them. Or say the same thing over and over again like 5 times. I can understand why someone would just copy and paste from one journal to another so they wouldnt have to type everything out again.

School is school. La. I'd really like to just...graduate. Like, now. Yeah. That sounds good.

Math tomorrow. I really need to finish that stuff for that class. I havent gone in to see her for tutorials yet. I'm considering just going to Mrs. Holder instead cause she's nice and a math teacher and I know she's in her classroom every morning without fail. So. Those are my thoughts on math.

Umm.......yeah. Its time for me to fall over dead. Until I have to get up tomorrow to go to school. I dont know if I get to take my car or not. I have to ask Dad still. Havent gotten around to it yet. But at least he's home, so I'll do that soon. Preferably before I fall over dead.

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