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sparkythefool (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2005 at 10:32pm
Music: "Life Like Weeds" +Modest Mouse+
Subject: Soccer and whatnot.
So I've decided that this entire post will consist entirely of soccer and things having to do with soccer. So I guess if you don't like soccer, don't read any further.

Yesterday's game against Burroughs went rather well in my opinion. I think pretty much everyone agreed that even though we scored five goals in the first half, we could have played so much better. Everyone was all bunched and the passes were into pressure and all was kind of frustrating. But then we stepped it up second half and scored another four goals..heh. Poor Burroughs got nothing, but that's alright. I actually scored one of the goals, which was odd..I usually don't score. Must have been because Burroughs is kind of bad.

Varsity won their game 9-1, but it was one of the worst games I've ever seen, all thanks to the refs. They were the same guys we had for our game but it seemed like they hated our team suddenly. Melanie got a red card for some stupid reason..she totally didn't deserve it at all. All I'm saying is I'm glad we won that game. Would have sucked way more otherwise.

So today was the game against Canyon..meh. We tied 0-0, which was extremely annoying. We had so many goal opportunities and just..argh. We better beat them next time. It was sad, cause frosh/soph killed them 4-1 or something like that, and we couldn't even manage a goal. I have no idea how varsity did..I suppose I'll find out tomorrow. It's dumb, I haven't beaten Canyon in two years..freshman year on frosh/soph we couldn't do it, same with last year..I'd really like a change of pace now. Yeah, I guess it's good that we didn't lose, but a tie! I hate ties. Bah.

We play Hart on Friday, and I hope we win that. The game's at 3:15 at either Central Park on the back fields or at our new field at Saugus, but I doubt we'll get to play on the new field. So if you're looking for something to do after school Friday before you go out, come watch us play. It'll be fun.

A post isn't a post without pictures! Most of these don't look like they have to do with soccer, but they were taken at the field during the varsity game, so it still counts. Quiet.

I think this one's pretty Not really worth posting, but what the heck.

So basically, Gabby and I are extremely awesome.

Ha, if Aneet ever finds out I posted this, she'll kill me. That's what makes it exciting.

Haha wow, since when am I so ugly? Man.


"I look like a hunchback in the first one, take another one so I can look even weirder."

So long to this cold, cold part of the world..
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