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BrownIedMissJ (profile) wrote,
on 1-21-2005 at 6:41pm
Music: Fear factor
Subject: B4 and After
~When it comes to us dating~
I loved him ~b4~ we even started, this just makes me love him more.


~The Truth~
Keep everything inside you without letting me really know
How you wish that we were together
While truthfully Iím thinking the same as you
Well there is little I can do

You can read right through me
Scan my heart searching for traces of your name
Thatís all youíll find
Your picture imbedded in my mind~


~I want to love him
But sometimes it's hard
I feel wrong about things when I rethink
Even those times I think about good things,
Second thoughts (excuses) aren't what i want
I want to love him

I want to hold him and make sure he knows
Even when i'm not around I'm open to talk

*I want to spend time with him but not get so close*

*I want to hit him at the same time I want to kiss him*

*I want to laugh and tell jokes. And when it's over disregaurd the fact that i'm still staring at him*

*And if things go sour I still want to remain friends*

But more importanlty,
I want to love him~

Both by-Javonne
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