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liddlebaby (profile) wrote,
on 1-20-2005 at 7:55pm
Current mood: full
Music: luda - blueberry yum yum
Subject: funnnn dayy
lets see..skoo was was fun..cant complain...eric picked me up..den we spent 4ever in da front of my driveway..talking..mostly..all about club times..god it was embaressin..he wanted to know everythin that went down in da told him..idk we were just crackin up..den we finally decided to go inside..n me monique n eric were baby is so0o funny..n i took off his hat.n he was sayin he had bad was all bad.n he didnt want me to take off his hat.. ( okaaay u cudnt even tell it was ''messed up'' but to him he hated t) so i rannn to my ro0m..n grabbed a comb..n started combin his like u have officially embaressed me 2dai..ive never felt so embaressed..u'll prolly do it i was sooooo hyperrr..den he had to go get gas..n hez like eh ill brb..i dun wuna go over der we get outside.n i was sayin bye n alla that junk..den idk..i got even more hyper..n like skipped over to da van..n infront of my window..n i was like we were spyin on monique in my ro0m.n she saw us...n den we were like just playin around n n eric started playin i wud fall bak.n i i jumped on ericz have a piggyback ride.n we almost fell..hah..n mo's in da window crackin up at me..n we were vogue' mo came out..n we were all like runnin around da was soo like a reunion of our childhood'ness..i miss playin outside..n climbin trees..den were like playin hand clap i was like ok u gota me n monique joined arms..n marched into da house..cuz we left in a rude way..den we quietly tipped toe'd bak..n he was like tip toe'in to find it was so0 funn..den were like ok were we pretended we were goin inside..n he was like ''followin us'' so wut do i do..i see that he left his car door open...i effin dashed to his car..n locked him out..den he was like what..n mo dashed from da other side..n got into his car..n we totally locked him out..lmao..i was like on da floor it was so0 funny.n hez here tryin to open it.cuz he did have his den he was like ahhh so0 he eventually broke hez like o0o0o yeah ur so guna get it now..n im like..bring it onnnn!!!!! so he tried to pull me out of his car..n like tickle me at da same time.n i cant stand i like freak out.n slap he went foward or w/e n we head butted have a hugeeee lumppppp on my he like got into da car with all of us..but in da back..n were like w/e..n were like goin thru his wallet.n stuff..n den me n mo were like o0 wutz in here..n u see a whole bunch of gum wrappers .n a calculator..n a lil box of mints..n im like o0o0o!!!!! these are my fav..n he starts to flip out..n hez like dun open it..n of course.that makes u wuna do it had to fite it for had a bunch of condoms in it..hahahaha..omg i was dyin..i was like least ur plannin to be safe with hez like..yeah..once agen..u've embaressed it was so0 funny..den yadda yadda.he left mo here..full..n i got lotz of hw to do lol..lataaaaaaaaa homiez x0o
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