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dragon-bearer (profile) wrote,
on 1-20-2005 at 6:08pm
Subject: I love you
Those kids are so awesome. I hope I can be a friend as well as a parent to my children when I grow up.

Jack was so adorable with that giant hat he put on his tiny head that went over his eyes...

Alex was all tickley and cute.

And Elaina, she didn't want me to leave... I picked her up and she just heald so tight....

Kids really make me think... They don't care about anything else but having fun... They don't worry... or scared... They just... stay happy. I wish I could be as carefree as those 3...

Sometimes, I love my life.

"You're my favorite."

::edit few minutes after posting::
Zuzu, I don't really hate you. I was just angry because you kept on hitting, kicking and pushing Ryan and me. No matter how softly you think you did, it still hurt. And frankly, there wasn't any true reason for it. I didn't let you see Ryan's glasses because last time you wouldn't give them back and when you start whinning about it, I know you are going to hit me. So I tried to ignor you or let you know that I didn't want you to do that anymore. But you don't listen. So I said something I didn't mean to get you to stop. And it worked for a little bit, but then ignoring you was basically the thing that made you stop. I don't hate you, I love you. And I realize I could have handled that better. I'm sorry I didn't. But you can't continue to hit me... It's not really something that friends should do...
Your sister basically got that through my head...
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