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liddlebaby (profile) wrote,
on 1-21-2005 at 4:26pm
Current mood: energetic
Music: pretti rickie - grind on me
Subject: aaah
2dai was so0 much fun..skoo was an absoult hr..talked with van..n timmay..muy fun..den went to chem..did a lab..omg i love alex micheal fonte..he is da potsmoker i kno lol..n we were talkin..n crackinnn up so0 hard..den i went to 5th..den me yeli n tim skipped went to lunch..den walked around da skoo..so0 fun..found mattlin n fonte...den lunch came..n mattlin bit my arm..omg it hurt so0 badd..den i went to it was ok..den i was walkin cinthia to her bus..wen i hear...melissssssa arguellooo is the biggest of my lifeeee...i was like ? lol..yea it was i was what? n he like gave me the longest hug ever..hez like i love u soo like are u high? n hez like no..buttt this weeekend..wooo yea..were so0 guna get crunkk...u to0..rite rite...u haveeee to come with me..n im like only if u can get cinthia to come..n hez like.ok cinthiaaa..wuna toke..n shes like uhhh? yea.n he started crackin up..omg he was soo off his was hilarious..i absoultly love that kid...den eric picked me up..n we were chillin outside my house..n we had another crazy silly momentos..i locked him out of his car agen..n im like crackin up..den ah he broke in.i didnt kno da back door was i was like.o0 look ur wallet..n i got out of da car..n threw his wallet far away.n he ran after it.n i locked him out agen..all da doors was so0 idk wut im doin 2nite.eric wants to party..hmm idk..we'll see..but im guna go n eat sumthin..byeez x0ox
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