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superheromindo (profile) wrote,
on 1-21-2005 at 7:58pm
Current mood: random
I had such a crazy headache after lunch I was ready to die. It finally went away about half an hour ago. School today was alright. The english test went alright. I didnt study too much, but the bit of review that I did do was enough to get me through that test alright. Plus I've been doing amazing on vocab, which can keep my grade up if I do bad on a couple things.

I think the only punishment I'm getting for taking Greg's money and spending $30 is that Dad is paying him back through my allowance. I also dont think he's going to let me drive my car freely after it gets fixed like he was planning to. He's going to make me pay him insurance and stuff before that happens. I'm so happy though, that it's getting fixed this week. That's only one or two more weeks before I get to take it to school every day and not have to wait for my mother again like...ever. And stuff. Yes. A couple more weeks and things will be awesome. The way life should be.

Mom wants me to take Latin I next year. Um, no. I mean, even if I could be as good with vocab and Braeden, and get amazing scores on the SATs, The reading and writing part of the SAT isnt my problem, it's the math. Cause math sucks and I'm terrible at it. La.

I'm watching She Gets What She Wants and it's terrible. I cant believe they would actually put a movie where a girl puts mushrooms into another girl's smoothie and she goes to school completely trashed. I dont see how you can put that on tv. Its crazy. Rather amusing, but crazy. So those are my thoughts on how much they are allowing on TV now.

I want olive garden.

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